R and R

Three weeks of R+R for us

Meeting Rev Bob Shepton (S/Y Dodo’s Delight), rounding up a couple of his stray climbers, spending time in Laksefjorden and enjoying the sea trout from it.

The usual repairs/ maintainance to keep us on top of things, also to finish off a couple of jobs we had put on hold we got to Greenland!

We returned to Upernavik ready for our next charter,  passing S/Y Billy Budd (another yacht we know from Patagonia) rounding into the harbour anchoring with 2 lines ashore we were soon one of five yachts.  S/Y Vagabound2, a French couple with two small children that have just spent the winter in Grisefjord.  S/Y Dodo’s Delight leaving soon for North West Passage S/Y Jonathan also for NWP, S/Y Bulzebub also for NWP.  Greenland is becoming a busy place.

A low passed over giving us probably our worst weather since arriving in Greenland.  Upernavik is not a very well sheltered harbour with the occasional Iceberg entering.

Once the weather passed we were left all alone waiting for our next charter guests to arrive.

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