Eider Duck Survey

21st June, Greenland’s National Day, our charter guests arrived.  A multi-national team via the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (www.natur.gl) Three weeks of studying local sea birds including guillimots, gulls and kittiwakes but their main interest was the Eider Duck.


In summary, this charter we enjoyed very much, three weeks excellent weather only a couple of wet days.  Visiting many islands offshore and inshore and in the fjords from Ilulissat to Kaulshavn spotting, counting,  measuring  eggs, nests and birds and meeting some local hunter/ wardens.

We sampled  local food (whale), catching Caplin similar to sardine and drying the excess for later tasty snacks.

The charterers were a great group, Flemming, Peter, Nick and Kitta were a pleasure to have onboard.

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