Leaving the UK

We left North Wales on the 15th May and after a brief stop in the Isle of Man to pick up a new wind and solar panel regulator, we departed the Irish sea via the North Channel. Despite a rudder problem, progress was good with between 85 and 168 miles per day, winds in comparison to our last Atlantic crossing to Greenland were relatively tame.  Nick managed to get plenty of sights and complete his RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory on the way.


We stayed further out from Cape Farewell this year and didn’t see Icebergs until we closed the coast for the inter-island south entrance into Nuuk,   a delightful end to a 16 day passage with 24hour daylight.

Tying up next to “La Louise” who we saw last year,  but didn’t meet the owner Thierry Dubois until now, 1am local time Saturday.

Nuuk, unlike the last three visits surprized us with exceptional weather and temperatures of 25 degrees,  allowing us to enjoy a BBQ on the beach with our friend Jens, his family and neighbours sampling the local fare (seal).


Next couple of days; finding our land legs, the usual repairs/ maintainance, loading with fuel and water and of course laundry, while Nick and Lou discovered Nuuk, before their flight home.

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